Trinchera Ranch Activities

A choice of adventures as far as the eye can see.

A visit to Trinchera Ranch is all about living life to the fullest and wringing every drop from the experience.

Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, & Wildlife viewing, are just a few of the activities we offer.

Here, you can climb our highest mountain. You can tell your everyday burdens to take a hike as you take one yourself. The choices are as varied as they are exhilarating, and all invite you to come take a hike, ride, cast, tour and walk on the wild side.

Trout Fishing at Trinchera Ranch

The waters lure you here. The trout reel you in.

Trinchera is a place where you can battle a variety of trout species averaging a robust 14 inches.

Fishing at Trinchera Ranch

Wildlife Viewing at Trinchera Ranch

Let us introduce you to some of the neighbors.

Bobcats, foxes, rabbits, bighorn sheep, elk, deer, coyotes, eagles and hawks all make Trinchera their home, as does an abundance of beautiful wildflowers. 

Wildlife Viewing at Trinchera Ranch


Hunting at Trinchera Ranch

This is what you’ve been hunting for all along.

With populations of elk and deer numbering in the thousands, it’s safe to say there’s a trophy Elk, Deer, Mountain Lion, or Big Horn Sheep here at Trinchera with your name on it.

Hunting at Trinchera Ranch


Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering at Trinchera Ranch

You can stretch your legs or your personal limits.

Getting off the beaten path is a given at Trinchera Ranch, how far is is entirely up to you!


Mountain Biking

Rock Climbing