The Ranch

Trinchera Ranch

Inside and out, it’s a genuine eyeful.

Welcome to Trinchera Ranch, home to an astonishing abundance of big game and wildlife amidst 267 square miles of mountains, plains and unparalleled vistas — and a home-away-from-home for adventurous souls who appreciate every square inch of it. From around the world they come here for serenity and solitude, adrenaline-charged hunts and trout on the fly, and world-class accommodations and comfort.

One of the most unique properties in the western United States, Trinchera’s inviting ranch-style décor effortlessly complements nature’s inspired backdrops. Casual, yes, but no one roughs it here; accommodations in the Main Lodge, the Adobe House, Log House and Homestead Cabin are as comfortable as the food is mouthwatering, and Wi-Fi is available in each room.

Beauty, steeped in history.

Trinchera Ranch is the largest remaining portion of the million-acre Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, established in 1844 by Charles Beaubien, a French Canadian trapper who was then a citizen of Mexico. In 1846, following the Mexican-American War, Sangre de Cristo became part of the United States, which honored the Grant. To secure the land and protect local settlers, the U.S. Army constructed Fort Massachusetts on what is now Ranch property but soon built the larger, more formidable Fort Garland at the head of the valley. The famous Colonel Christopher “Kit” Carson served as commandant of the fort for a time following the Civil War.

Over the years, portions of the immense Grant were gradually divided and sold. In 1969 and 1984 the largest existing tracts were purchased by Malcolm Forbes, who shared the tranquility of the Ranch with many captains of industry and heads of state. The Forbes family ultimately made many improvements before divesting of the property in 2007. Today, spanning 172,000 acres, Trinchera Ranch remains the largest — and arguably the most beautiful — private land holding in the state of Colorado.

Conservation at Trinchera Ranch

Preserving the land and its wildlife

Conservation isn’t a buzz word; it’s a way of life.

Preserving this land and its wildlife — not just for enjoyment today, but for generations to come — is a passion wholeheartedly shared by our staff and guests. In protecting tens of thousands of acres of unspoiled land, Trinchera Ranch has been recognized by the state of Colorado as a wildlife sanctuary for both game and nongame species including bighorn sheep, Rio Grande cutthroat trout, mountain lion, mule deer and elk. Our staff works with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to carefully manage hunting on the property through the Ranching for Wildlife program.

All of the Ranch’s 172,000 acres are protected by a conservation easement. We are also involved in several forest and land management projects that positively affect wildlife in the entire region, including stream restoration and habitat improvement.

Stay at Trinchera Ranch

Creature Comforts, not just Creatures

Filled with unique art, artifacts and furnishings that complement the rugged beauty of Trinchera Ranch, the Main Lodge (recently and meticulously remodeled) offers deluxe accommodations and comforts. The new appointments enhance the Trinchera experience and the Lodge atmosphere, now more in harmony than ever with our Territorial legacy. The result is a genuinely Western experience, a warm and welcoming place to relax after a day of hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or exploring. Guests can choose from an assortment of recreational diversions, including a pool table, poker table, dominoes and checkers.

Trinchera Ranch features 25 guest rooms, with 16 in the Main Lodge, 6 in the Adobe House, two in the Log House and one in the Homestead Cabin. The property’s maximum occupancy is 34. Food and beverages are included, with mealtimes determined by guests’ schedules. Meals are served in the dining room unless other arrangements are requested — such as a sack lunch for the day’s activities. True to our philosophy of providing an experience tailored to particular needs, tastes and desires, we encourage guests to list food preferences prior to arrival.