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Driven by a Love of the Land

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Our Values

Trinchera Ranch’s mission is to practice sound stewardship to sustain and enhance the diverse natural resources for the benefit of future generations. This commitment to sustainable management helps the Ranch maintain some of the most complete and diverse wildlife habitats in Colorado.

A Western Ethos

<p>Our philosophy encourages each of us to care for the land while appreciating the bounty the natural world provides. We believe in the positive impact a hands-on approach has on the environment, using a variety of land management approaches in order to refine an evolving and dynamic set of tools.</p>
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A Living Laboratory

<p>Trinchera implements a variety of techniques and adaptive management practices to protect or enhance natural resources. Then, we share our best practices with other land managers for the benefit of all. The efforts and actions of our staff continue to show positive signs of improvement for land and wildlife at Trinchera and surrounding habitats.</p>
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Meet Our Stewards

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Shane Lancaster

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James Fischer

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Reece Samuelson

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Judy Lopez



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An Inclusive Experience

<p>While most Trinchera Ranch experiences are included in your stay, there are a few exclusions and experiences available for an additional cost. Please reach out to our dedicated team for specific rates.</p>


Start your day with a delicious breakfast and savor inspired lunches, dinners, and snacks throughout the day.
Quench your thirst with an extensive selection of beverages, including our signature cocktails, mocktails, liquors, wines, and champagne.
Set forth into a world of recreational and educational activities offered on our property, equipment included.


For those eager to embark on exciting fishing adventures, we have half-day or full-day guided fly fishing trips available.
Embrace tranquility with spa treatments and daily yoga classes to nurture your mind, body, and soul.


15% gratuity will be added to acknowledge our dedicated team members who ensure a remarkable stay.
A 6.9% state and county tax will be applied to your total bill.
While transportation from the airport is not included, we can assist you in making arrangements.
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